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We do Carpet cleaning ,Upholstery cleaning ,rug cleaning,tile cleaning ,air duct cleaning .
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How It Works
We Utilize a State-of-the-Art Cleaning Process: 

We begin every cleaning by thoroughly vacuuming every room. A good vacuuming is the first step to an amazingly clean carpet. Our industrial strength, dual-motor, 4-stage HEPA filtration vacuum removes even the smallest dust and dirt particles from your carpet.

The pre-spray process helps to loosen stains and make them easier to get out.
No Soaps, No Detergents, No Residue!
We use environmentally-friendly cleaning agents that are 100% safe for children and pets. After all, we use them in our homes too.

After vacuuming, pre-spray and agitation, the real cleaning begins which is our state-of-the-art hot water extraction method. During this stage, filtered, pH-balanced water is injected into the carpet and extracted with one of the most powerful truck mounts available. This thoroughly flushes all dust and dirt from the carpet, leaving it soft and residue-free.

We use a state-of-the-art drying system that will usually leave your carpets dry in under 2 hours. This ensures as little interruption of your day as possible.

After drying, we use a specially-designed carpet rake to reset the nap of the carpet, making each fiber stand straight. This gives your carpet a longer life and helps to prevent dirt from penetrating deep into the carpet between cleanings.