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Carpet cleaning in Los Angeles is our specialty. We serve all of Los Angeles County as well as Ventura, Orange, and Riverside Counties. 

Our product is superior. It is made completely of 100% pure organic components. No other cleaning solution comes close to the cleaning capabilities, and the lasting cleaning effect that our pure organic solution has on cleaning carpets. It is made of 100% organic plants and vegetables with natural enzymes. We have revolutionized carpet cleaning to a whole new level and standard in the green industry. We clean with absolute quality, and we back with absolute confidence. We use a low-moisture extraction process. This process of cleaning is very unique and can only be done with our innovative solution. Your carpets are dry in 30 minutes and the process is the healthiest and safest way to clean carpet because we do not dump gallons of chemicals and water into your carpet (which promote bacteria and mold growth) which will make you very ill.

How can this be done? Our formula contains billions of natural active enzymes that are in a catalyst-like state. All this means is that all the enzymes are in a coma/sleeping state until they come into contact with any dirt, oils, bacteria, grime, mold, odors, etc in your carpet. Once these live enzymes come into contact with any of these unwanted intruders, it is literally a buffet for these enzymes which eat up every last bit of the dirt, oil, grime, bacteria and odor that’s in your carpet. The reason why the carpets stay clean so long?

Because the friendly enzymes stay active in your carpet for a period of time and when any harmful intruders reappear back into your carpet, these enzymes awake from there coma state and feast on the them. In other words, it’s more like a natural antibiotic shield that protects your carpet. Think of it as just a dose of vitamins for your carpet. With years of research, we have been able to make this available for the purity and health of the human race. This pure organic solution is not only carpet cleaning, it’s pure science that takes place in your carpet.

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