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Blown-in Insulation Batt insulation , cellulose , Rigid Board insulation and  Radiant Barrier

Attic Cleaning & Decontamination.
Insulation Removal & Replacement.
HVAC Duct Cleaning & Replacement.
Attic Rat proofing & Air sealing.
Radiant Barrier installation.

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Evergreen Home Services Inc is your one stop shop for all your attic needs. We are a fully licensed and insured C2 (Insulation & acoustical) company that specializes in attic cleaning & decontamination services , HVAC duct replacement , insulation replacement , air duct cleaning & repair. 

Been in the industry for over 10 years we have mastered the art of attic insulation removal and rat proofing.
Our 5 step attic cleaning process will guarantee you peace of mind for the next 30 years.

Step1- Insulation removal process.
Evergreen will first protect and cover all furniture or floors that are in the way of the cleaning process.
A large Vacuum machine will be left outside the house with special contained bags which all the insulation gets sucked into.
Evergreen will only bring in hoses to eliminate any dust or unwanted debris.
Once all the insulation has been vacuumed out of the attic we will now move to step 2.

Step2-Attic cleaning.
Evergreen will start hand vacuuming all the access dust and debris from the attic to make sure the attic is now spotless.

Step3-Rat proofing.
We will inspect any holes or openings in or around the attic and seal them up with mesh nettings so that no rodents or animals will have access back into the attic. This is important because rodents cause an infestation in the attic which can become a health hazard. Evergreen will provide a 5 year warranty that no rodents will crawl back into the attic.

Step4-Air Sealing.
This is a very important step for efficiency wise.
Evergreen will seal any cracks , gaps or opening that might leak air from the attic into the house.
These holes are covered with polyurethane foam and prevent hot air leaking into the house in summer and cold air leaking in winter. This step will give you an increase of about 5-7% in efficiency.

Step5-Sanitizing and installing new insulation.
Before we lay down our Johns Manville R30 Batts insulation we will completely sanitize the entire attic , the rafters and the joists.
This will help kill and eliminate any mould spores or bacteria that might be lurking in the attic.
Once the attic is completely sealed , rat proofed and sanitize we will Lay down R30 Batts insulation or blow in Green fiber cellulose. This will depend on the situation and the home owners preference.